21 August, 2017



  • Ibris Agri Pte. Ltd. is an integrated and diversified plantations and bio-energy company headquartered in Singapore with substantial operations in Indonesia.
  • The Group has operating assets in palm, sugar, and forestry plantations, supporting domestic processing facilities and a bio-energy facility located in Singapore
  • Plantation assets in Indonesia totaling approximately 170,000 ha
  • Palm and sugar are demanded by the food industry and also underpinned by the bio-energy sector


Combining our parent Risjadson Group’s extensive historic and current mining experience and interests with strong global demand for minerals and metals, Ibris Mining is currently developing significant nickel, coal and gold opportunities within Indonesia’s rich resources sector.


Ibris Mining is on track to deliver customers growing volumes of high-demand minerals and metals through proven reserves and concessions and best practice mine management.

Further details of Ibris Mining’s interests and opportunities will be released shortly.

Ibris Energy will leverage strong Indonesian domestic energy demands with our parent Risjadson Group’s interests in the energy sector.


Further details of Ibris Energy’s interests and opportunities will be released shortly.